A Final Look at Summer in Santee For This Year

An oasis of recreation, Santee is packed with exciting summer activities that people of all ages can experience. The wide range of recreational activities allows guests to create wonderful summer memories.

Outdoor Adventure

Summer in Santee is not complete without visiting the city’s parks and lakes. The beautiful Santee lake is popular for water recreational activities like fishing and canoeing. Hike along the Mission Trails Regional Park and Walker Preserve Trail and explore nature at its finest. The amazing scenery of the rugged valleys and open areas can be found in the park. Stargazing and bird watching can also be experienced by visitors. The abundant wildlife and untouched ecosystem are preserved by the city allowing tourists to encounter it firsthand.

Performing Arts Club

Immerse in dancing, acting and music by signing up fat the Santee’s performing arts club. The club host camps for children of all ages where they can learn and meet new friends. Through camps, participants learn the fundamentals of cheerleading, dance techniques and musical theater. Acting exercises and games can also be enjoyed by the participants. An abridged play is held after the end of the session with students as part of the cast.

Summer Camps

Camps are the highlight of summer in Santee. While camps can be enjoyed by families and friends in nature parks, summer camps can also be a way to meet new friends and learn new skills. This active camp invites kids and teens to participate in their structured and exciting activities while ensuring safety for its participants. Weekly camp activities for participants include craft projects, art creations and swim sessions. Campers can enjoy a week full of fun and adventure in Santee’s summer camps.

Adult Classes

Summer is also a quality time for adults to enjoy. Santee offers a diverse range of adult classes from beginner to advanced. Classes include self-defense, tennis and golf where beginners and intermediates are invited to play in a relaxed environment. Participants can also practice yoga where challenging variations are given for continuous improvement of students. Pickleball and disc golf are also offered in the Adult classes.

The hot summer days are always enjoyable in Santee. Play tennis or camp in one of their parks, the city does not run out of choices for recreation. This make visitors return often.