Creation and Earth History Museum and Bookstore


A popular attraction in Santee, the Creation and Earth History Museum and Bookstore can be found at 10946 N Woodside Ave. Featuring a variety of exhibits in a spacious venue, the family-friendly environment lets you discover work history via the Christian bible lens. With a mission to offer both scriptural- and science-based offerings of creationism, it’s a favorite local attraction for both faith-based and science-based visitors looking for a holistic view of history.

The museum and bookstore was founded in 1992 by Dr. Henry Morris’ Institute for Creation Research. The goal for 16 years had been to offer Christian visitors evidence of bible-based authority and accuracy via educational programs and research. However, when the ICR moved to Texas in 2008, the space was sold to Scantibodies Laboratory who has further grown the museum.

What to Expect

The museum is now owned by Tom Cantor of Scantibodies, which is a non-profit ministry, the Light and Life Foundation. You’ll enjoy a 10,000 square foot showcase including a six-day creation exhibit and young Earth exhibit. Discover human anatomy features, the age of Earth cave, and a to-scale tabernacle display. Located in downtown Santee and close to the airport, professional tours are available for groups of all sizes.

The newest exhibit, Dinosaurs and the Bible, lets you explore soft tissues and bone artifacts that highlight the human being interaction with dinosaurs. Scientist Mark Armitage heads up the project and a highlight includes the tissue from a triceratops horn.

What will you unearth?