Explore Whimsical Plant Life at ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

Stop and smell the roses as you explore 1.5 miles of paths filled with exotic plant-life.

All exhibits are included with regular admission to the Botanic Garden.

Old World Walled Gardens:

These gardens feature aromatic plants typical of Mediterranean regions, including rosemary, lavender and pomegranates. The shining star of the Old Walled Gardens is the Jardin Redondo. This portion of the gardens features raised beds of seventy, award-winning roses. The flowers are roped around the central planter, overflowing with blooming annuals. The Jardin Redondo leads into the Ceremonial Garden, which features lushes pillars and arches. This is a popular spot for weddings.

Mediterranean Conservatory:

This exhibit perfectly emulates a coastal environment, showcasing rock roses, bottlebrush trees, olive trees, myrtles, snapdragons, oleanders, and numerous, mints and sages. These Mediterranean themed plants are native to the California Coast, South Western Australia, South Africa, and Coastal Chile. The conservatory is also the location for many flower shows such as, Bulbs in Bloom and the Orchid Show.

Camino De Colores:

Become immersed in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer at the same time. This exhibit showcases plants chosen to represent each of the 4 seasons. A water feature in the water garden remains icy and cool all year round. The gardens all have beautiful places to rest amongst magnificent rose planters.

Rio Grande Heritage Farm:

Visit this unique part of the gardens, featuring an adobe farmhouse. A large kitchen garden, crops, an orchard, vineyard and berry bushes surround the farmhouse. Rug making, quilting and other demonstrations take place here and visitors are able to do a cider taste-test after the press processes the fall apple harvest. The farm also houses an American paint horse, Alpine goats, a Milking Shorthorn Steer, Navajo-Churro Sheep and Dominique Chickens.

Butterfly Pavilion:

This ethereal exhibit features hundreds of North American butterflied and thousands of nectar plants. This seasonal display offers visitors the opportunity to witness butterflies emerging from their chrysalides and encourages photographs of the fascinating process. The pavilion also features small displays of insects such as spiders. Speak with the arthropod experts constantly walking around the pavilion to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

Railroad Garden:

See the gardens from 400 foot loops of G-Scale brass rails on free-floating tracks. Pass by villages, over trestle bridges and through tunnels on your ride. The BioPark staff operates the train and answers any questions you may have on your adventure.

Children’s Fantasy Garden:

Bring your kiddos to this larger-than-life garden. Shrink down to the size of an ant as you gaze at a 14-foot high topiary dragon, 6-foot earthworms burrowing through the walls of a giant rabbit hole, and an 11-foot watering can. Explore this magical land of plant-life and walk through a two-story pumpkin, 42 feet in diameter. This is a fantasy-land the whole family will be in awe of.

Cottonwood Gallery:

This exhibit showcases a restored bosque with a canopy of mature cottonwoods and understory of native trees and bushes. The natural landscape attracts unique wildlife such as porcupines, roadrunners, kestrels, and great-horned owls. This gallery has plans for further restoration, so a spike in wildlife sightings is expected.


Are you a fan of creepy crawlers? Check out this exhibit dedicated to insects of all kinds. Experience busy bees at work at a functioning hive, and visit a colony of leaf cutter ants in their tropical tree home. The BUGarium allows guests to view tarantulas, giant katydids, and African Scorpions under infrared light at the nocturnal exhibit. If you have an interest in rodents, make sure to take a look at the cluster of individual bubbles housing a community of naked mole rats.

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