San Diego’s Best Mexican Restaurants

If you love Mexican food, you’ll love these restaurants!

San Diego's Best Mexican Restaurant


The owners of Puesto used family recipes to create their amazing menu.  Their shrimp adobaba tacos are tasty and great, with a spicy peanut sauce, or for date night, try the ribeye cart, with steaks served alongside chile poblano and freshly made tortillas.  Save room for dessert – the Mexican Chocolate Bar brings a little heat to the sweet chocolate and is topped with fresh, tart raspberries.

Miguel’s Cocina

Miguel’s blends influences from San Diego’s culinary scene with authentic Mexican recipes to create a delicious Cali-Mex meal.  Start by splitting an order of Miguel’s nachos, with beef, cheese, and their freshly made salsa.  For dinner, the seafood soup is a specialty, with fresh fish, including clams, swordfish, mussels, and other fresh catches from the bay.  If you’re not a soup fan, you’ll love the lobster quesadilla, with chunks of succulent lobster scattered in the gooey cheese.

El Agave

El Agave’s menu is designed to feature dishes that pair well with their wide assortment of smooth sipping tequilas for an all-around experience.  Before dinner, you can even walk through the tequila museum, with over 2000 brands represented.  Try the enchiladas de mariscos, filled with lobster, shrimp, and squid, alongside a glass of Don Julio Blanco.

Barra Barra

Barra Barra aims to provide a vibe reminiscent of early Mexican-American settlers in California.  A family affair, the recipes are tried and true, and always delicious.  Enjoy fried shrimp in a pepper cream sauce, served with beans and rice, or try the seafood paella, cooked slowly so that the flavors blend and layer together, permeating the entire dish.

Enjoy some spicy food while you’re in San Diego!