Things You Didn’t Know About San Diego

Filled with great things that is yet to be discovered is exciting San Diego! Here are some of the great facts that you probably didn’t know about this fine city.

San Diego produced the most number of Avocados in the country.

San Diego produces 60% of California’s avocados which makes it the top producer of avocado in the country. This acknowledges San Diego to be the avocado capital of the United States.

Hua Mei, the first baby panda that is born in the Western Hemisphere since 1990 situated in the San Diego Zoo.

Hua Mei intentionally means USA-China was given to a giant female panda born in San Diego in the 1990s. Upon reaching adulthood in 2004, Hua Mei was moved to Sichuan, a province of China and in 2007 she gave birth to three sets of twins.

San Diego was hailed as the Tuna Capital of the World.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, jobs and wealth coming from the Tuna industry made the region successful during the 1930s through to the late 1970s. After these decades, there was a rise of foreign competition and controversy due to malpractice that saw the end of some large companies in the Tuna industry.

Dr. Seuss was born at San Diego

An American author and illustrator Theodor Seuss Geisel were born in San Diego on March 02, 1994. He was reportedly rejected by over 30 publishers, however, it never stopped him from being famous through his works especially with children’s books